Zhengzhou Henghao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of acid etching anti-glare glass (AG glass) with registered capital of 66.8 million yuan, the company covers an area of ​​100 mu, construction area of ​​66600 square meters, More than 400 people, the annual output value of several hundred million dollars. Since its inception in 1987, in the field of glass deep processing pursued, with three decades of etching glass deep processing technology and experience, has been granted more than 600 national patents, products are exported to Japan and South Korea, Europe, North America, Australia and other regions, production and Sales scale in the forefront of domestic industry.
The company has automated production of acid etching AG, glass cleaning and drying machine, milling machine, glass cutting machine, steel furnace, CNC machining machines and other professional production equipment, and the use of the United States Corning gorilla, Japan Asahi Glass, plate, Glass and other original film etching AG processing, the current for television, navigation, mobile phones and other displays to provide ultra-thin, ultra-fine, large, soda-lime material, high-alumina materials such as multi-standard anti-glare display glass. Product categories include anti-glare touch screen, car navigation glass, education one machine glass, whiteboard / blackboard, rattan and other products. Products are widely used in TV mosaic wall, rear projection TV, LCD monitors, touch screen, industrial equipment, car navigation, smart home, digital screen, wearing equipment.
The company can currently process the original film thickness 0.26mm-20mm, display size 4.7 inch -120 inch, the largest panel 3660mm * 2440mm, gloss 15 ° -130 °, light transmission rate of 82% -93%, roughness 0.06μm-2.8 Μm, haze 2% -70%, freshness of 40% -80% (also known as resolution, clarity). Heng Hao master etching AG glass core technology, the above parameters can be adjusted according to customer needs. Processing technology and anti-glare effect up to dozens of domestic and foreign professional anti-glare glass suppliers.
The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, product ROHS, REACH inspection, in line with European standards. The company invested 15 million yuan to establish a world-class waste water, waste gas, waste residue and other environmental treatment facilities, all-day automatic monitoring, and access to international environmental protection department issued a production license.
Heng Hao glass with excellent quality, fast delivery, good after-sales service customers receive wide acclaim. 2008 years for the Beijing Olympic Games water cube project provides a "high-quality low-reflective jade sand glass", in 2012 for the United States Apple's global outlets to provide special etching anti-skid glass; 2014 for Asia's first high-rise "Shanghai Center" to provide etching Matt interior glass. Heng Hao glass in the cover industry within the high degree of recognition, the current cooperation customers are: Germany BMW, Japan Sharp, South Korea's Samsung, BYD, letter Lee optical, as Rui technology can be well-known enterprises.
Heng Hao glass welcome new and old customers to visit the company guidance, to discuss cooperation. We hope that with the new and old customers work together to create a new breakthrough in the field of deep processing of acid etching glass and brilliant!