The company's operating philosophy: the pursuit of all the material and spiritual aspects of the two employees at the same time, for the social progress and development to contribute.
As a person is right: to justice as a yardstick, "to suppress the evil self, so that the good really I stretch.
Heng Hao people code of conduct: "respect Heaven love", fear of heaven, care for others, take the right path. Integrity, integrity, modesty, motivated, optimistic; not greedy, not selfish.
Technological innovation is the lifeline of manufacturing enterprises, we have to adhere to the day into; today than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today, innovation, every day progress.
Heng Hao's management cadres: shoulder the common realization of the company's business objectives and staff life vision of the task, to pay no less than anyone's efforts, hardship and dedication, the courage to sacrifice. Help and take good care of our staff, have a good thing to share with the staff. Often self-examination, self-review, often read the company's things, often benefit his heart.
The highest level of happiness is: being caring, being appreciated, paying for people, being needed; today's success is the result of past efforts, and there is no future success from today's effort. Adhere to the practical work of the people, the future will be able to run, lucky will take care of them.
It is difficult to achieve perfection, but only by carefully pursuing perfectionist attitudes and efforts to reduce the occurrence of errors, if you agree with 99%, the next will think that 90% of the line , Or even 80%, 70% is no way to do things, such a business must be arbitrarily set. 100% is our Henghao people to pursue the perfect goal, for those who work is not strong sense of urgency, efficiency is not high, the initiative is not enough, not the pursuit of 100% perfect person, which is not only irresponsible to the company, Responsible.
Heng Hao inspirational view: enthusiasm to open up a new era, and strive to usher in a new life.
Heng Hao men's standards: "deep heavy, proud of heroes."