Cell phone AG glass selection parameters

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The Anti-Glare Glass product is made by special chemical processes, which are characterized by making the original glass reflective surface a matte diffuse reflective surface. Can make the impact of reflection blurred, to prevent glare but also to reflect the decline, reducing light and shadow. Anti-glare products surface corrosion, anti-scratch performance. Combined with video imaging screen can constitute a transparent anti-glare, anti-reflective screen, to solve the electronic screen, video screen in the ambient light source to produce reflective, glare problems, improve image quality. This effect is constant in the big perspective. Anti-glare glass, can reduce the interference of ambient light, improve the display screen viewing angle and brightness, reduce the screen reflective, so that the image is more clear, more colorful colors, more saturated colors, which significantly improve the display.
How to distinguish AG glass is good or bad
Those buildings to use anti-glare glass



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