• How to distinguish AG glass is good or bad

    Everyday we have been glare attack experience, in part from the glare light source, some from the glare of the reflection; we operate the computer often outside the monitor scene in the display surface reflection and can not see the display content and worry; And when we stop at the glass window to explore the window when the scene, the glass surface reflection often makes you can not clearly observe the window scene and so on.

  • Those buildings to use anti-glare glass

    AG glass, also known as anti-reflective glass and anti-glare glass, English called Anti-glare glass, is the glass surface of a special processing of a glass. It is characterized by the original glass reflective surface into matte non-reflective surface (surface roughness). The principle is to high-quality glass double-sided or single-sided through a special processing. So that compared with ordinary glass has a lower reflectivity, light reflectivity from 8% to 1% below, with technology to create a clear and transparent visual effects, so that viewers can experience a better sensory vision.

  • Cell phone AG glass selection parameters

    Cell phone AG glass selection parameters