Zhengzhou Heng Hao glass has a strong R & D strength, including the team and the laboratory. At present, Heng Hao glass laboratory area of 800 square feet, including Frosting laboratory, pickling laboratory, concave Meng laboratory, high temperature laboratory, Frosting powder laboratory, quality analysis room, ink laboratory, silver plating laboratory and Color laboratory, experimental equipment more than 500 sets of equipment, but also the industry is extremely rare high-level clean room and clean production line.

Zhengzhou Heng Hao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is to rely on a sustained, strong R & D team gradually grow and develop, so the company will be 5% of annual sales for new products, new technology research and development.

Zhengzhou Heng Hao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. under the Central Research and Development Department (referred to as the Ministry of Science and Technology), technology centers, design centers and other departments; the Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for new technology and new technology projects, research and development and transformation of technology center is responsible for production and sales process In the technical research and technical improvements; design department is responsible for new product design and design.

The Department of Research has been Henghao glass innovation core sector, more than 30 years in the company's senior leadership in the company's strong support and leadership, whether it is talent pool, financial support, access to more than 20 patents, more than 300 technological innovation. Always maintain Henghao products in the domestic and international leading level.

Anti-glare glass main detection equipment: